Kathleen Blakeney shares why Allie’s Programs are more than just information!

Daniel Blankenship and Tyson Navel share their thoughts on Say It to Sell It Now!


Ronnie Szaz shares why Allie’s Say It to Sell It Now is not “sales training.”


“I met Allie Casey because I wanted to know more about her work with business-employee relationships. She gave me a copy of her fantastic book, and some really useful insight. I would recommend her for any company who would like a dynamic speaker for an event, or to motivate their employees.” April 30, 2012…… Laura Howell, CRPC®, Financial Services Representative, MetLife
“Thanks to Allie for your coaching and getting me back into the game in great shape! Over the past year Allie has influenced me through her book, “Misunderstood!: The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work–What to Say, How to Say It and When to Shut Up”, Reinvention Intervention and Say It to Sell It Now! Create Your Talk to Sell Your Services. Allie has also been an important contributor as a speaker, mentor and friend to the Career Management Network…….
…“Misunderstood!: The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work–What to Say, How to Say It and When to Shut Up” – What, not everyone thinks like me? Darn! Who knew that being understood had so much to do with taking the time to listen and understand what makes other people tick in order to achieve being understood. The book has been extremely helpful to me and I have passed it on to many others….. Mary Olsen hired Allie Casey as a Career Coach in 2010, and hired Allie Casey more than once
“Allie’s amicable personal demeanor almost overshadows her keen competence in public speaking, coaching and consulting. A driven business professional, she is charmingly persuasive and able to drive results. Her long career on the front lines of management is coupled with her coaching and speaking abilities to form a powerful combination that offers value to any company or individual. I highly recommend Allie Casey.”
~ Marylou Ponzi, SPHR Human Resource Exec.

Your presentation was terrific Allie! The GMSHRM board greatly appreciates you taking the time from your busy schedule to stop in Miami. You are a true professional!!
~Gigi Glazer and the GMSHRM Board


“Dynamic, insightful, funny, knowledgeable—all of these words describe Allie Casey. Consequently, we were entertained while we learned.”
– J. B., Associate Dean, HCCC
“EXCEPTIONAL—RIVETING! More tools in my toolbox for success. Crucial towards interacting in the corporate world.”

– James S. D., 18FLTS/DOAI Hurlbert Fld. AF.MIL

“Very informative and inspiring. Top notch. Very upbeat and entertaining. Best ideas – how to deal with negativity and how to leave a bad situation to another time.”

– Wade L., HCCC – Dir. of R-TV/A

“She presents a unique way of delivery that seems to easily involve one another.”

– Paula M., Pulley Care Ctr. Inc., OH

“Allie was great! Energetic, humorous and very knowledgeable. I learned new skills that will help me personally and professionally.”

-Kevin P., Supt. HQ AFSOC, FL

“Allie made the learning environment fun and full of laughs.”

– John M., AXA Advisors, NY

“As an aviation adviser, I need these skills when dealing with foreign nations. The overall coverage in the program was great. Great speaker and lovely lady.”

– C. D., Combat Aviation Advisor, HQ AFSOC

“Magnificent presenter, she held my attention all day long with things I can honestly use!”

– Sharon A. B., VA Medical Center

“Dynamic presenter! Really added insight to the material.”

– Rhonda A., EDS, AL

“Energetic, precise, informative!”

– Jeff T., Beverly Health Care, WV

“Excellent speaker and motivator. Great real life experiences.”

– Jennifer O., AF. MIL

“Speaker was knowledgeable and humorous.”

– Susan J., Counselor, Virgin Islands

“Outstanding speaker. She is a dynamic person and I enjoyed every minute of it.

– Pam S., EVA, GA


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